Top Ten Dive Spots Around the World

Amateur diving is an activity which can be pursued anywhere in the world, but some destinations offer unique experiences found nowhere else on the planet. In this article, we bring you the top ten diving destinations in the world. From the Great Barrier Reef to Monterey Bay in California to the spectacular Blue Hole of Belize, these locations are sure to be on the bucket list of any diving aficionado.

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Diving With Fish

Image of a tropical fish

Fish are members of a set of organisms comprising all aquatic animals that have a skull, gills and do not possess limbs with digits. Fish are generally cold blooded, and can be found in all aquatic environments; exhibiting the greatest diversity among vertebrates with over 32,000 species. For humans, fish are an important resource as they provide food, oil and also have uses in medicine. Here is a list of some

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Diving With Whales

Whales are large and intelligent aquatic mammals. Usually found in the open ocean, they use intricate and mysterious sounds to communicate with other whales. Along with manatees, whales have the distinction of being the only mammals to spend their entire life in the ocean. Whales have a thick layer of fat called blubber, which protects them from the cold temperatures of the ocean water.

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Diving Insurance

Rapid Insurance

We advise all divers booking a diving adventure holiday to take out comprehensive insurance with the UK company. One of the most common mistakes is that divers forget to obtain specialist cover that includes diving when going on holiday and then become unstuck when something serious happens and they can't afford the expensive upfront fees. Thankfully our friends over at have written a detailed guide on the companies that will provide you with the safest, value for money cover to ensure you don't have to worry if such a circumstance arises.

The Dive Forum

The Dive Forum

We recommend you check out the Dive Forumto find the best and most up to date recommendations on some of the world's most beautiful diving spots to travel to. Unlike some of the other well known websites, such as PADI their dive discussions are up to date. This is particularly important in areas of the world that are volatile at the moment. The Red Sea is a good example of one of the worlds best dive sites which at the moment you will need to find up to date information on due to the political and conflict situations in the area. Flights are sparse at the moment to Egypt. Sign up to and start talking to a community of friendly divers who can help you decide on your next destination.